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Emily & Stephen | Just Married! | Gilbert, AZ

Destined to be together, the day had finally come for these two to promise their lives to one another. 

It was as beautiful day at the Barn in Power Ranch. The lighting was perfect, a little breeze and these two know how to rock the camera! 

We had blast capturing your love and joy together. Many blessings to you both and years of marital bliss.


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Project 52 + Beautiful Things from Rough Places (Week 14)

Briana Santiago is an Associate Photographer for Christopher Maddox Photography. Check back weekly to keep up with Briana's weekly 'Project 52' posts. 

So where oh where have I been for the last 2 months… I have been many places. I have been to the greatest of heights to the lowest of valleys. It’s been an interesting ride and I am here to share at least what I am able to put into words.

To put it bluntly, in March Daniel and I had a miscarriage. We had just found out in February, right before our 5 year anniversary, that we were expecting another little one. We had so much to celebrate. We absolutely love being parents to our little Shayla so the thoughts of another one were thrilling to us.

In March I had experienced some minor abnormal bleeding. So I went in for a very early ultrasound. Everything looked very small but very normal. I was asked to go on pelvic rest for 2 weeks until a follow up ultrasound. Two weeks later we did go into that ultrasound hoping to see a little fluttering heartbeat on the screen. We saw a normal sac but no little flutter. Devastation quickly came over that room, and what should have been our first OB appointment went to a miscarriage consultation.

We sat in the ever so tiny room that only seemed to be getting smaller by the moment, waiting to be told about our miscarriage. We talked about what options I had. I was offered a D&C the very next day, or to miscarry naturally.

What then followed was two weeks of hoping for a misdiagnoses. In fact I think one of my Facebook status’ that week had been, ‘Hope is worth holding onto until your told to let you. I’ve got a death grip on it’.

I chose to miscarry naturally. See we were told we had a blighted ovum. And there is a whole website for the misdiagnosed woman who go on to have happy healthy babies. Every part of me hoped for two more weeks that we would be one of those miracle cases. I hoped and prayed (as long as all of our close friends and family) that WE would be that couple who has a baby pop up unexpectedly on the next ultrasound.

Two weeks later, on Wednesday March 28th, I miscarried naturally at home. I hadn’t done so completely on my own, and because I was so far along, I also had to have a D&C that Friday the 30th.

How was I? An emotional train wreck. I cried for at least 3 days straight. At moments I would be fine, until I would run into a t-shirt with ‘Big Sister’ written on it, and then I would be on the floor crying. Then a day would go by and I’d think I was fine, and then my little girl, who was equally as excited about the baby would come up and say, ‘Mommy I wanna hug kiss baby belly!’. I would then loose it all over again.

We told Shayla that baby wasn’t ready yet for our family. We told her that baby had to go back to be with Jesus and when baby was ready again then it would come back. She seemed to understand that and eventually the requests to kiss my belly stopped. The final closure for us was when we went to bury what would have been our little baby in one of our favorite spots. Genesis 3:19 says ‘For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return.’ It helped knowing that we were able to return our little baby, who was only ours for 10 weeks, to her heavenly father.

Yes, a blighted ovum means that a viable baby never did start to develop. But as another friend put it, 'the second you see that second line on a pregnancy test, your whole world changes'. Some people can say, ‘Well there was never a baby to begin with.’ But that’s not what my heart told me. The rest of your body continues like a normal pregnancy but there were either too many or not enough chromosomes for a healthy baby.

What God had done was saved us from what could have been a very unhealthy baby. For that I am very grateful to Him. But for 10 weeks my heart, my husband’s heart and my family’s hearts invested in the thoughts of another little one being added. And hearing and knowing that little one would never join us was devastating.

But eventually the tears stopped. And you know what? Beautiful things can come from really rough places. 

Close friends of ours have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I met my girlfriend for lunch during the time we were still pregnant and had begun sharing the news with friends. I asked her how she was doing and her response was, “You know, I wouldn’t change a single day of what I have gone through. Its taken my relationship with the Lord to a place its never been before. I wouldn’t change any of that for a moment, even if it meant me getting my baby sooner. My relationship with the Lord is amazing.”

In the ever so brief few weeks that I had going through this, I caught a glimpse of what she meant. My relationship with the Lord grew and is still growing exponentially through this. I have never in my life leaned so hard into the Lord. Leaning into His promises, His Word, His truth.

My relationship with the Lord had grown complacent. I had moved into the routine of being mom to a 2 year old, working two jobs and keeping house. God was there in my nighttime prayers, but I put Him on a shelf during the day because I just had to get things done. I wasn’t including Him in life with me.

Good ole Romans 8:28 states that, ‘We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.’ Now even only 6 weeks past the surgery, I can see the good in it. I can look over my shoulder, turn around and say, ‘Awww. Got it Lord. I see what you were doing there.’

The Lord is definitely doing life with me everyday now! It only took me returning to Him on hands and knees desperate for an answer. But He picked me up, said, ‘I’m right here, and everything is going to be ok.’ I crave my devotional time with Him, journaling my heart out to Him. It feels good to feel His hold on my heart again. He loves us and is faithful to us, even when there are trials. If you draw close to Him, He will draw close to you. – James 4:8 It’s a promise!

So that’s where I have been and I’m now back! My creativity is ignited and I’ll start posting with my weekly photos next week!

With love,